Four Character Hopes for Smash Ultimate DLC

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Ok, Nintendo has spoiled us.

There are an absurd 70+ characters in the roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not to mention the fact that there are 100+ stages, 800+ songs, and a one-player story mode. This is all just added to the fact that, at its core, Smash is a great fighting game.

It’s hard to justify wanting anything else in Smash without risking looking greedy. To be honest, I’m perfectly content with Smash. I think that Nintendo has set the bar for other companies and titles in the future, particularly with its abundance of characters.

But, of course, Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing five characters via DLC in the future, so it’s hard not to either speculate or hope for characters who are absent from the current roster. One character has already been announced (Joker from Persona 5), and there is an unconfirmed leak of the rest, but I’ve managed to muster a list of four characters that I hope, but do not expect, to be included in this DLC package.

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Membrane: A Trippy Review (Switch)

membrane title

The charming Microsoft Paint-like visuals. The trippy aesthetic. The dream-like imaginative world. All of these things, in addition to the fact that the game was 90% off, selling at a clean $1, pushed me to give Membrane, a creative puzzle platformer from Perfect Hat, a try. I’m so glad I did.

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Axiom Verge: A Glitched Review (Switch)

axiom title

Thomas Happ is insane. Singlehandedly, he developed Axiom Verge, a 2D sci-fi Metroidvania game that is heavily inspired by 2D Metroid games. He started work on it as a “side project” in 2010 and finished in 2015. He wrote the script, composed the soundtrack, developed all of the visuals/sprites, etc.

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The Messenger: A Stealthy Review (Switch)


Remember that show Samurai Jack: the show about the Japanese samurai who was transported into the future by a demonic shapeshifter? One thing I recall liking about the show was how it combined rhythmic, electronic tracks to artistic action scenes; a nice juxtaposition between the modern soundtrack/setting and medieval character. The story seldom took itself too seriously, as the humor and presentation oftentimes were more prominent than the action. If Samurai Jack was a video game (I’m just going to ignore the fact that apparently there was a game that came out in 2004 for the sake of this post), then I feel that it would be something like The Messenger.

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Firewatch: A Review (Switch)


Note: This review is spoiler-free until the Conclusion section at the end, where more details about the story are given as an explanation of its final rating.

Campo Santo’s Firewatch is, at baseline, a hiking simulator. When layered with stunning visuals, an intriguing mystery, and excellent voice-acting, it becomes a compelling can’t-put-down experience for its 5-6 hour playtime. Narratively driven, your choices of dialogue and actions impact the story which takes place over the course of an entire summer. Days are treated as chapters of the story, and play out at different hours of the day and night. Originally released in 2016, Firewatch was ported to the Switch in December, 2018.

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Florence: A Brief Yet Triumphant Review (Mobile)

florence train 2

(Quick shoutout to Hookshot, Charge Beam, Revive, the person who made me realize this game even exists. Check out his video game blog here; he puts out some great reviews and analyses. Highly recommend!)

Perhaps I’ve been a bit close-minded, but never did I think that a mobile phone game could deliver the experience I have had with Florence. I figured that video games that had any weight, any emotional value, and didn’t rely on quick, pick-up-and-play types of gameplay, probably belonged on a console, big-name handheld, or PC.

Man, I was wrong.

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Stephen King Tropes in Night in the Woods

Photo via Shane Leonard

I hate to admit it as a Mainer who enjoys reading, but to date, I’ve only read three Stephen King books: It, 11/22/63, and The Shining. All three books were big undertakings, but were unbelievably rewarding. Despite their length, I found myself entirely engrossed cover-to-cover (disc-to-disc in the case of 11/22/63, as I listened to the audiobook — that long work commute thanked me for it).

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Hyper Light Drifter: A Hearty Review (Switch)


Heart Machine’s Hyper Lift Drifter (hereafter HLD) is a much beloved top-down indie RPG that has found a spot on the Switch eShop, two years after its original release. It looks familiar: like many subsequent indie games, it has a retro 16-bit coat of paint. Gameplay-wise, HLD does pretty much everything right, while the creator also tells an autobiographical and abstract story through the game. HLD is a relentlessly challenging yet satisfying 2D RPG, and creates an unforgettable experience through its presentation that is worth a couple of visits.

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Octopath Traveler Characters Ranked

octopath caffeinate
Coffee painting by Cidney. Yes, seriously. She painted this with coffee. Check out her art on IG @Cidneydraws.

If you’ve read my review of Square Enix’s newest Nintendo-exclusive JRPG, Octopath Traveler, you’ll know that while I thoroughly enjoyed the game’s massive boss battles and beautifully pixelated presentation, I felt that it was lacking an original, interconnected plot and unique characters who were developed beyond their singular archetypal tropes. But while the English teacher in me was begging for more complexity in characters, I still found something to enjoy about the game’s protagonists.

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Octopath Traveler: A Nostalgic Review (Switch)

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Well, it would seem as though the itch has finally been scratched. For some time now, fans have been waiting and hoping for a classic JRPG (Japanese role playing game for the unfamiliar) that holds true to its roots. And while it is not without its shortcomings, Square Enix’s Octopath Traveler (henceforth OT) certainly does this. Fans of the old SNES Final Fantasys, Chrono Trigger, and [insert your favorite old-school JRPG], rejoice.

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